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V/A: Hot Press - Heineken Green Energy

Hot Press - Heineken Green Energy

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    CD (A2Z F ? / Hot Press, 30/04/1998)
This Hot Press Heineken CD is not to be misunderstood with the Hot Press / Heineken Rocks Awards CD from early 1998. Both were given away with Hot Press magazine the same year, but while the other one feature a rare track, a duet with Neil Hannon and Ash from the Rock Awards Ceremony; this second CD is only a compilation to promote the Heineken Green Energy festival which The Divine Comedy played the year before, in 1997.

The Divine Comedy song included is ‘When The Lights Go Out All Over Europe’ from Promenade. The Divine Comedy has also been featured in other Heineken Green CDs, one from 1996, and the next year’s Green Energy CD.