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V/A: EMI - If You Want It You Can Have It

EMI - If You Want It You Can Have It

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    CD (EMI / EMI / EMI, 2001): 
Image This EMI sampler CD is part of a series of regular releases. The packaging is quite original and nice, a recycled gatefold cardboard sleeve. And on the front a photo with the release title printed on regular paper is stuck. The title of the CD, ‘If You Want It You Can Have It’ echoes the first track of the disc, of course The Divine Comedy’s ‘Love What You Do’ first single from the album Regeneration.

A simple tracklisting is printed in white on the back, and a detailed one in black on the inside. Each song comes with a small note about the artist. For The Divine Comedy, it says: “Neil Hannon and The Divine Comedy make a welcome return on February 26 with their first single on Parlophone. Produced by Nigel Godrich, their new album Regeneration follows on March 12.”

The other tracks on the CD are more or less interesting depending on your tastes. Their are all artists from the EMI catalogue, but not necessarily from Parlophone.

The next sampler of the series, I’ve Got More Than I Need featured the next Regeneration single, ‘Bad Ambassador’, and later I’m Reaching Out To You featured ‘Perfect Lovesong’.