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V/A: Omoiyari For Japan - International Music Rescue vol.1

Omoiyari For Japan - International Music Rescue vol.1

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    2xCD (Vinyl Japan, 04-05/2011): 

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Image This double compilation CD was released soon after the tsunami in Japan, in support to the victims. Although it was a limited edition available only through mail order, the release was a bit promoted by the press in Europe, including Rock & Folk in France. Various artists contributed tracks for the release, some already known but some other being totally exclusive to the compilation. One of the most notable inclusion being new tracks by Tom Verlaine and Television.

Image The Divine Comedy track is a live version of ‘The Certainty Of Chance’ recorded during the ‘An Evening With Neil Hannon’ tour in 2010, although no more details are given about the track, after a little insistence the management informed the track was recorded in Warwick on 17th November 2010. The track was probably given to the people of Vinyl Japan by Divine Comedy Tour Manager, Warren Kennedy who is featured in the thanks. A second volume was released soon after, while it does not features any Divine Comedy song, it features ‘Need Your Love So Bad’, the duet between Neil Hannon and Elvis DaCosta, who is quite close to Warren and Dean Kennedy.

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The two CDs came in paper sleeves which came along a small booklet into a bigger cardboard sleeve.