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V/A: Later With Jools Holland…

Later With Jools Holland… Giants Later With Jools Holland… Legends

  • Formats (editor, date)
    DVD-9 (Legends) (Warner Music Vision, 20/10/2003): 
    0 8 25646 06102 0
    DVD-9 (Giants) (Warner Music Vision, 20/10/2003): 
    0 8 25646 06109 9
This DVD, released in 2003, features some performances from the Later With Jools Holland TV show, where The Divine Comedy performed once in 1998 (and then later in 2006). Although the disc does not feature any Divine Comedy song, it features an interesting collaboration. Indeed, on that evening, in addition to their performance of their own singles ‘Generation Sex’ and ‘National Express’, The Divine Comedy also performed as a backing band for Ronnie Spector (from The Ronettes) who sang a cover of The Beach Boys’ ‘Don’t Worry Baby’. This is the only Divine Comedy related content included on the DVD, however it also features an interview by Jools Holland of Ronnie who talks about her life with Phil Spector.

Image The DVD was released in UK and in the US. It also has different titles, sometimes being named Later With Jools Holland… Giants, and sometimes Later With Jools Holland… Legends. It is unsure though if each of them correspond to a different country where the video was released.