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V/A: Bernard Lenoir L'Inrockuptible vol.2

Bernard Lenoir L'Inrockuptible vol.2

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer / distributor, date)
    2xCD (Parlophone France / / Warner Music, 09/12/2013): 
    50531 0598282 0
    2xCD (Parlophone France / / Warner Music, 09/12/2013): 
    50531 0598282 0 – Black cover
    3x12" (Parlophone France / BNJ / FNAC, 09/12/2013): 
    50531 0598301 8
This compilation is the second volume of a series of disc compiled by France Inter DJ Bernard Lenoir after his retirement from radio. Bernard Lenoir had an important place in the heart of French Divine Comedy fans as well as in the history of the band, since with the magazine Les Inrockuptibles he gave support to the band since the release of Liberation. At that time, his radio program was very close to the magazine and he was called L’Inrockuptible, hence the name of the compilation.

While the first volume of his compilations, released in 2013, did not feature The Divine Comedy to our surprise, a second volume was released the next year and features the single ‘Becoming More Like Alfie’ at the beginning of the second disc.

The CD version of this volume was available as a regular release, or within a box set with the first volume, available only in FNAC stores.

The triple LP set

Image Unlike the first volume, this one was also released on vinyl as a triple LP boxset. Ironically the CD version has each disc called ‘side one’ and ‘side two’ while the LP set features 6 sides! The Divine Comedy’s track is to be found on the 4th side.

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