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V/A: Other Voices 3

Other Voices 3

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    CD (Hummingbird Productions / Trend Studios / RMG Chart, 27/05/2005 - 03/06/2005 ?): 
    5 099386 248620 (OVCD3)

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Image In December 2004, The Divine Comedy performed for the third series of Other Voices: Songs From a Room. At that time the event used to happen only at St James Church, Dingle in Ireland, and a compilation was subsequently released the next year. This one, Other Voices 3 features one of the songs performed by The Divine Comedy, a live version of ‘Our Mutual Friend’. Other artists featured on the CD who performed on this series between December 3rd 2004 and December 7th included Republic Of Loose, The Chalets, Paddy Casey, Gavin Friday, Mark Lanegan…

Some years later, Neil Hannon would play again for Other Voices, this time in Derry

The CD comes with a booklet which includes for each artist a photo from their performance.

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