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V/A: Our Label vol.2

Our Label vol.2

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    CD (Parlophone / EMI / EMI, 2001): 
This Parlophone sampler is the sequel to the first Our Label sampler. Our Label was an alias for Parlophone, and the CD focused on the label’s catalogue; this is also a word play on the catchphrase ‘Flavour Of The Label’, which was the name of the previous marketing campaign. But, this promo is not to be mistaken with the one entitled Flavour Of The Label.

Image Like the other one, the disc came in a recycled cardboard sleeve, but a gatefold one this time (like previous EMI samplers, If You Want It You Can Have It & I’ve Got More Than I Need). The same card with instructions about the CD-ROM content and about the label’s website was also included.

The Divine Comedy’s track included was the final single from Regeneration, ‘Perfect Lovesong’.


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