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V/A: Radioplay Euro Express August 6, 1999

Radioplay Euro Express August 6, 1999

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    CD (Radio Express / Metatec, 06/08/1999): 
Image This compilation CD was edited by Radio Express, and is part of the Radioplay series, curated by the leading insiders of the radio and records industries in the U.S..

This is one of the volume 316, issued on August 6 1999, but edited on July 26. The sleeve features liner notes by Paul Hollins who may be the famous British radio presenter.

Those notes are also featured as doc files inside the CD-ROM part of the disc, as well as tracklisting for the other 316 volumes. About The Divine Comedy, it reads: “Taken from the latest Divine Comedy album A Secret History, which is a retrospective compilation of previous hits coupled together with a few new remixes and two completely new tracks, comes a song all about the perils of hay-fever!?! 28-year-old Neil Hanlon is the one-man band behind Divine Comedy – a man who hails from Northern Ireland. His wry, sometimes caustic, songwriting ability has won him many fans and there are rumours of a Divine Comedy UK tour sometime soon. We’ll keep you posted.”

Another volume of the Radioplay series also featured The Divine Comedy, much later, on June 23, 2006.

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