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V/A: EMI - I'm Reaching Out To You

EMI - I'm Reaching Out To You

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    CD (EMI / EMI / EMI, 2001): 
Image This EMI sampler CD is part of a series of regular releases and the third to feature a Divine Comedy track after If You Want It You Can Have It and I’ve Got More Than I Need. The packaging is quite original and nice, a recycled gatefold cardboard sleeve. And on the front a photo with the release title printed on regular paper is stuck.

A simple tracklisting is printed in white on the back, and a detailed one in black on the inside. Each song comes with a small note about the artist. For The Divine Comedy, it says: “A brilliant tune from their sublime album Regeneration. The band are touring the UK from October 23. Perfect Lovesong is released on October 29. Formats include a DVD single.”

The other tracks on the CD are more or less interesting depending on your tastes. Their are all artists from the EMI catalogue, but not necessarily from Parlophone.