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V/A: Setanta Compilation Cassette III

Setanta Compilation Cassette III

  • Featuring:
    Europop [Original version]
  • Formats (editor)
    Promo MC (Setanta)
This promo compilation by Setanta Records features tracks from each of two Setanta EP: ‘Europop’ from The Divine Comedy’s Europop (SET 011), and ‘When I Last Saw You’ from A House’s Zop (SET 012).


All copies of that tape are strictly different, but they are all basically the same: these are recycled promo tapes on which the original sticker, if any, has been tied, and a large type-written note has been taped on top.


The two tracks are featured on each of both sides. They seems to not be direct copies of the records, and are more likely to be 1st gen duplications.