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V/A: Sound Factory - The Compilation (1994)

Sound Factory - The Compilation (1994)

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    CD (Sound Factory / Dureco, 01/1994 ?): 
    RTD 359.0035.2
Sound Factory was the label which released in Germany the albums Liberation and Promenade back in 1994.

This compilation CD was probably released at the same time that Liberation was released in Germany (the serial number of the compilation just comes after the album’s one). This CD aimed to promote both the album as well as the Sound Factory Festival which was held on January 1994 in Bochum.

Although, there is nowadays no document about the festival, except the promo VHS, the line-up is remains unknown. Was the festival a one-night event? Or did it happen on many days? According to this CD, at least 11 bands performed there. Mainly German acts from the label (Escape with Romeo, Secret Discovery, Hibiscus Trail), but a few Setanta Records acts as well: Into Paradise, The Glee Club and of course The Divine Comedy.

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The inner sleeve gives us more details about the catalogue from the label. As we can see, four Setanta Records releases were made available in Germany including Liberation (later Promenade would be distributed as well). While the label’s own releases have a reference number starting by ‘fac’, the Setanta Records releases have the prefix ‘sef’. The Divine Comedy’s Liberation got the catalogue reference ‘sef001’ although this number does not appear anywhere on the German pressing of the album.

The CD itself features the album version of ‘Death Of A Supernaturalist’. The version was shortened with the intro sample from James Ivory’s A Room With A View cut off.