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V/A: Sound Factory - The Compilation (1995)

Sound Factory - The Compilation (1995)

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    CD (Sound Factory / Dureco, 1995)
Sound Factory was the label which released in Germany the albums Liberation and Promenade back in 1994.

This compilation CD was released in early 1995 to promote the Sound Factory Festival at Bochum in February 1995. The compilation features some of German acts which were signed on Sound Factory as well as Setanta Records acts which were distributed by Sound Factory such as The Glee Club and The Divine Comedy. Many of these bands were actually already billed on the Sound Factory 1994 Festival and it is unknown if they were actually included on the compilation because of this, or if they were actually billed again for the 1995 edition.

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Image The inner sleeve gives a few details about the catalogue of the artists and lists both Divine Comedy release on the label, Liberation and Promenade.

The CD does not features a song from the latest album Promenade, but actually again a Liberation song: ‘Lucy’.