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French version

V/A: Sound Factory Festival

Little is known about this video. Probably only available as a promo VHS (there is no bar code, or catalogue number), it is an interesting document about the Sound Factory Festival in January 1994.

With one hour of concert, it features many of the label’s bands including The Divine Comedy whose album Liberation was released by the label a couple of weeks before the event.

Four songs from The Divine Comedy’s set are actually included, and we don’t know if they played a longer set. Technically this was still the Liberation tour with Neil Hannon accompanied by Nathalie Box and Chris Worsey.

Death Of A Supernaturalist’ is a rare treat since no other acoustic version has been released in the Divine Comedy’s back catalogue.

Queen Of The South’ and ‘Lucy’ are very similar to the version played at La Cigale in 1993, but unlike La Cigale 6-11-1993 this is a video, the earliest filmed DC live performance actually. The people who made the footage must have been fans because they even keep the banter between songs, which they didn’t keep for the other bands.

The Model’ was probably played for the first time live on that night. This version is actually the same which was later included in the Rarities album (despite being documented as played in Kraftwerk’s hometown, Düsseldorf).

Sadly ‘Lucy’ is overlapped with backstage footages from the festival, featuring interviews from many of the artists including Neil Hannon.