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V/A: BMG Synctank - Sync-2-Fit Catalog 06-04

BMG Synctank - Sync-2-Fit Catalog 06-04

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    2xCD Super-jewelbox (BMG Music Search / Disctronics ?, 06/2004): 
Image Synctank is the synchro service from BMG Music Publishing. It aims to get the music for their catalogue (BMG being the publisher of Neil Hannon) used on TV or films. This double disc is probably part of a month series. In 2006, Synctank would release their Music Speaks series which also features Divine Comedy tracks (Volume 2 and Volume 4).

It features a Divine Comedy track, and in an instrumental version, ‘The Happy Goth’. While an extract from it is available on the menu of the Live At The Palladium DVD, there is nowhere else were to find such a track, except probably on a rare Absent Friends instrumental sync promo (yet to be found).

The discs came within a super jewel box, a simple one though. The back cover features the tracklisting, and a more detailed one with the copyright owners is to be found inside the booklet. The back of the booklet describes the BMG Music Search service.

The Divine Comedy track is on the first CD which is black with a yellow pattern (the second disc being yellow with a black pattern). Near the centre we can read: deluxe® IFPI L502 D& AD 04 ONE 01