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V/A: TeleCine Video

TeleCine Video

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer, date)
    VHS (Sony, Sine / TeleCine, 27/01/1999): 
    Letterbox: PAL
We don’t know much about this VHS. Probably part of a series of promo VHS as it is dated from 27/01/99, it features 3 song only. First a music video of Ozark Henry, the single ‘Radio’, which is not a live performance. Then comes a couple of live performances, first 3 Colours Red performing ‘Beautiful Day’ on BBC Top Of The Pops; and The Divine Comedy’s ‘National Express’ played on Channel 4 T.F.I. Friday.

The stickers on the cassette have the mention SONY/SINE, and the TeleCine logo which is also to be found on the cassette itself. But TeleCine is a duplication company, and it doesn’t give any clue to figure out whoever compiled and distributed this video cassette.