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V/A: Untitled vol.2

Untitled vol.2

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer, date)
    2xCD (Global TV / Nimbus, 05/08/1996): 
    5 029243 003925 (RADCD39)
    2xCD (Global TV / Disctronics, 05/08/1996): 
    5 029243 003925 (RADCD39)
    2xCD (Global TV / OCD, 05/08/1996): 
    5 029243 003925 (RADCD39)
    2xMC (Global TV, 05/08/1996): 
    5 029243 003949 (RADMC39)
Something For The Weekend’ was released on most of the hits compilation back at the time. This is no exception for the second volume on the Untitled series.

The track is just the album version with no surprise. But it is strangely listed on some web retailer as being a demo version, this is not the case at all.

This volume was released as a 2 CD set, and well as a double cassettes set. The Divine Comedy’s track being on the second half of the first item.

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