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V/A: Virgin Radio Session - Exclusive Soundcheck Panel

  • Formats (vol.5)
    CD (2004)
  • Formats (vol.10)
    CD (2004)
  • Formats (vol.18)
    CD (2005)
Image In 2004, at the time of the release of the Absent Friends album, The Divine Comedy played a Razor Cut session for Virgin Radio, in UK.

Two tracks from the three played were released in a series of promos issued by the station, called Virgin Radio Session - Exclusive Soundcheck Panel. It is unsure what those promos where aimed for, but each of them featured a selection of different artists tracks from their session archives.

The volume 5 features ‘Come Home Billy Bird’; and volume 10 ‘Charmed Life’. The other track which remains is ‘Absent Friends’ which was not released.

A later volume, volume 18, features a live version of ‘National Express’ taken from the V2004 festival which was actually broadcast on Virgin Radio at the time.

Each CD came in a cardboard sleeve which featured on the front cover the Virgin Radio logo and disc title; on the back the tracklisting and a (printed) signature by the radio’s DJs of Razor Cut. The CDs are simple CD-R with no information on them.

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