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V/A: Vital - Lounge Music Best Of 96

Vital - Lounge Music Best Of 96

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    CD (Vital / Nimbus, 1996): 
    VITALCD 001
Image This compilation was issued by the Vital label which was distributing The Divine Comedy in UK. Although it is a promo compilation, which aims to promote the Vital catalogue and the stores distributing it, the CD has a concept since it is part of a series of annual records. This concept is lounge music, hence we do not have a hit single featured on the CD but ‘A Woman Of The World’. Another Divine Comedy track would be featured in the volume 3 published in 1998.

The artwork features a photo of a vintage living room, with a carpet that can remind of the Liberation William Morris design. Inside the booklet, there are details about each of the artists’ albums as well as a list of UK stores on which Vital’s records were available.

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