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V/A: Vital - Lounge Music Volume 3: Best Of '98

Vital - Lounge Music Volume 3: Best Of '98

  • Formats (editor / distributor, date)
    2xCD (Chain With No Name / Vital, 1998): 
    VITALCD 007 (VIT 1150)
Image This double compilation was issued by the Vital label which was distributing The Divine Comedy in UK. Although it is a promo compilation, which aims to promote the Vital catalogue and the stores distributing it, the CD has a concept since it is part of a series of annual records. This concept is lounge music, hence we do not have a hit single featured on the CD but ‘Commuter Love’ as the opening track for the second disc. Previously, Divine Comedy was already featured in the first volume published in 1996.

Like the other volumes, the artwork features a photo of a living room. Inside the booklet, there are details about each of the artists’ albums as well as a list of UK stores on which Vital’s records were available. The back cover as well as the back inlay feature the Chain With No Name logo, which was an alliance of record stores set up by Vital.

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