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V/A: Volume 17

Volume 17

  • Formats
    • 2xCD + CD-ROM (Volume / Vital, 02/12/1996): 6 08277 60017 8 (7VCD17)
    • 2xCD (Volume / Vital, 02/12/1996): 6 08277 60017 8 (7VCD17)
    • 2x promo CD (Volume, 02/12/1996): 6 08277 60017 8 (7VCD17)
    • 2x promo MC (Volume): VOL17MC

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Released in December 1996 (and in January 1997 outside UK), Volume 17 celebrated the 5 years of the Volume series but was also sadly the last of the label.

The compilation was released as a double CD album and with an additional ‘It’ CD-ROM with the first 5000 copies. The 2 discs come in a double CD jewel box which is packaged with the 192 pages booklet in a CD box set.


The booklet features a Divine Comedy interview to promote Casanova and its last single The Frog Princess, as well as a small review of the DC discography. The interview was probably made in October 1996 before Neil Hannon went on tour in Europe to promote the single.

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The second CD features an unreleased track: a band version of ‘Through A Long And Sleepless Night’ - “a live studio romp through a standout track from the DC’s breakthrough album” says the notes of the booklet. The song is probably from the same session as The Frog Princess B-sides ‘A Woman Of The World’ and ‘Tonight We Fly’. A strange thing: Stuart ‘Pinkie’ Bates is credited on guitar instead of organ, probably a mistake.

The centre of the CD reads: ABLEX 83198 VOLUME 17 TWO

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The promo CD
The promotional copies of Volume 17 come in a plastic wallet sleeve with a card featuring the artwork, tracklisting and release info. Both CD have ‘For Promotional use Only’ printed on them.


The promo cassettes
A set of two promotional advance tapes also exists. They feature all songs from the CD and a simple insert with the tracklisting.