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V/A: Wintercase San Miguel 2004

Wintercase San Miguel 2004

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    CD (Sinnamon / Multimedia Optical Disc, 15/08/2004 ?): 
Image Released in 2004, this compilation released by Spanish label Sinnamon Records was to promote the Wintercase festival, although it is unsure if it was released before or after the event (probable before). The Divine Comedy toured Spain in November 2004 as part as the Wintercase festival. The festival also featured other UK artists as well as Spanish artists. The CD focuses on the artists who played Wintercase 2004, half of them being from UK (Graham Coxon, Tindersticks, The Duke Spirit, etc.), while the other Spanish bands are actually all from the Sinnamon label.

The Divine Comedy track is the first Absent Friend single, ‘Come Home Billy Bird’.

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