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Charly Karaoke Group: Almost Pop: Is It Just Me

Almost Pop: Is It Just Me

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    CD ? (Charly Records, 06/07/2006)
This karaoke album was released in 2006 probably only on digital music retailers. It features various covers of pop songs, mainly by The Cure, The Dubliners, but also songs by The Crystals, The Darkness and The Divine Comedy!
With no surprise, it’s the hit single ‘National Express’ which is covered. The version on that album features a lead singer, so it sounds just like a cheap karaoke version.

More recently, a website dedicated to karaoke songs, Karaoke Version has made ‘National Express’ available to download. The main version is the same version from this Charly Records compilation. But Karaoke Version also offeers versions without the singer, one with chorus and one without. In addition, for each version, there are variations of key / pitch from -2 to +2 semitones. That makes different sounding instruments or voice (different performer). So, that makes a total of 15 different version of the song!