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Those Fabulous Hippies: Bee Sides and Rarities

Those Fabulous Hippies - Bee Sides and Rarities

  • Digital Formats
    • (Mlmc Media / Dapper Kitty Music, 03/08/2015): 889211786893
    • Single (remastered) (Bmi / Dapper Kitty Music, 28/07/2015): 889211771943
    • Original single (Mlmc Media / Dapper Kitty Music, 02/02/2015): 889211367597
  • Album and Single featuring:
  • Original single featuring:

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Those Fabulous Hippies is an indie-folk duo based out of Northampton, Massachusetts. They describe their songs as atmospheric and eerie, and their cover of ‘Songs of Love’ as light and cheerful, and hope they have done both Hannon and Father Ted justice. [1]

[1] Those Fabulous Hippies on CDBaby