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Upside Down: The Creation Records Story

Upside Down: The Creation Records Story

Produced: 2011

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    DVD-9 (Revolver Entertainment, 09/05/2011): 
    5 060018 492377 (REVD2752)
    2xDVD (Revolver Entertainment, 09/05/2011): 
    5 060018 492469 (REVD2770)
    Blu Ray (Revolver Entertainment, 09/05/2011): 
    5 060018 492384 (REVB2754)

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Surprisingly, Neil Hannon was interviewed for Danny O’Connor’s film on Creation Records. Actually, only a sentence of his contribution was left on the final editing, which is Neil saying “Not many other record companies would have done that; it’s worth it because, you know, it’s like a Sistine Chapel of modern rock.” The interview may have been filmed back in 2009 because Neil’s got a cricketer’s beard.

Sadly, the DVD release does not feature every contributor’s complete interview, and so we’ll never know the other ideas Neil could have expressed on the Creation Records.

Apart the fact that Neil is definitely a fan of the Creation Records acts (cf. ‘At The Indie Disco’) and of course they were a major influence of the first Divine Comedy line-up, there must have been links between Setanta Records and Creation Records in the early 90’s. Indeed The Divine Comedy supported My Bloody Valentine once in 1991; Liberation was mixed at Jim and William Reid’s home studio, ‘The Drug Store’; and before being in Oasis, Noel Gallagher worked as a roadie for Setanta’s act, The Frank & Walters.