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Casanova Demos

Recorded: 1994-1996

There are many unreleased demos and outtakes around the Casanova era. This is mainly because the initial project of a ‘third’ proper Divine Comedy album to be released in late ’94 / early ’95 was aborted.

We know that at the time Neil had already composed and played live some new songs for a new album that included ‘If I Were You (I’d Be Through With Me)’ and ‘The Dogs And The Horses’. A recording of that song was released at the time on the Nectar compilation for Les Inrockuptibles’ subscribers. Though, we still don’t know if this version is a live version or a studio demo.

Also, at that time Neil had already composed the theme music for Father Ted which would later become ‘Songs Of Love’ as well as an alternate version which was to become ‘A Woman of The World’. [1]

The released demo of ‘Something For The Weekend’ (entitled ‘Something Before The Weekend’ when it went released) is probably a primitive version of the song. But we don’t have any clue to date it exactly. The existence of a primitive demo of ‘Becoming More Like Alfie’ recorded with a Yamaha keyboard was also mentioned by Neil. [2]

Even though the plans to record the album properly came up later in 1995, the complete tracklisting has been subject to changes. Indeed the initial poster of the album announced the inclusion of ‘I’m All You Need’ which actually doesn’t feature the album and wasn’t released until A Short Album About Love. This is likely that a studio version of the song was released at the time. Also, as that time Neil Hannon also recorded the song ‘Christmas With The Hannons’. While it did not make it onto the album, the idea was then to release it as a Christmas single in late 1996 [3]. The idea was finally aborted and the song is now never-to-be-released.

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