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Liberation Demos

Recorded: 1991-1993

Neil Hannon probably started demo-ing Liberation since 1991. But the original demos must have been very different from the final production. At that time, in addition to the studio production of Timewatch and Europop, Neil had other new songs for the live sets with ‘The Pop Singer’s Fear Of The Pollen Count’, ‘Super-Natural’ (the pre-version of ‘Death Of A Supernaturalist’), ‘Lucy’ and ‘I Was Born Yesterday’ (in an instrumental form) [1].

After John McCullagh and Kevin Traynor left the band, Neil started to properly record new demos, sometimes with John Allen. These recordings include ‘Your Daddy’s Car’ (released later as a flexi) and a couple of reworkings of ‘Bleak Landscape’ (merged as one track on Rarities). However, the demo recording of ‘Lucy’ released on The Frog Princess was probably older, perhaps dating from the October days; other recordings of the song were done after, including a version from which Neil sampled for the album version a sheep sound which could be heard on the background.

Some of these recordings have been sent to Scott Walker - of whom Neil is a big fan. Nothing came of this obviously in term of production, but Scott has said nice things about Neil’s music in a few interviews. [3, 4]

[1] Simon from Setanta, E-Pop
[3] Rock Sound, 02/1994
[3] Les Inrockuptibles, 01/1994
[4] Ray Gun, 1997