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There exist two releases for this EP: the 12” featuring ‘Europop’ and three other tracks; and the CD with - as a bonus - the Timewatch EP. However, the songs were recorded during a separate session, in late 1991, and produced by Edwin Collins.

As Timewatch, this EP has nothing to do with the Liberation album; the version of the song ‘Europop’ which is featured on the EP is utterly different from that on Liberation: different band, different producer and different lyrics.

This EP is the only recording on which Neil doesn’t sing. At that time, Neil was only a guitarist and John Allen, a friend of his, did the singing. Indeed, Neil found he couldn’t handle playing the guitar and singing at the same time. He was impressed by Blur’s guitarist Graham Coxon and decided to stop singing and to devote himself to the guitar [1]. A friend of his, John Allen, was chosen to sing, though it’s obvious Neil can sing better than him. Soon after the release of the EP, Kevin Traynor and John McCullagh decided to go back to their studies. The band split. In a first time, Neil continued to work with John Allen to record some demos (as ‘Your Daddy’s Car’), but then decided to release a new Divine Comedy album as a solo artist: Liberation !

[1] Les Inrockuptibles 05/1994