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Everybody Knows (Except You)

Everybody Knows (Except You) was the only single from A Short Album About Love to be released. Probably to increase the sales, the single was released under 3 volumes, each with a different colour. It was again a great success as it reached the 14th place on the UK charts, as Something For The Weekend did.


The B-sides of the three CDs were recorded live during the Shepherd’s Bush Empire concert on October 20th 1996. However the A-side on the 3 discs is the same as the album version and not a live version. Actually, CD A doesn’t feature the first tracks, then CD B tracks form the middle and CD C tracks from the end. It’s the other way round! ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’, a cover of a song by Burt Bacharach, on CD A, was the last song of the concert, before the first encore, made of ‘A Drinking Song’ and ‘Something For The Weekend’. On CD B includes tracks from the middle of the show: ‘Johnny Mathis’ Feet’, ‘Your Daddy’s Car’ and ‘Europe by Train’. They are not put in the actual gig order. Finally, CD C features the first three songs of the concert: ‘Bath’, ‘Tonight We Fly’ and ‘Middle-class Heroes’. For more information on the concert’s setlist, we recommend you check our chronology page.


Two songs from the concert, released as Everybody Knows B-sides, ‘Europe By Train’ and ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’ appear also on a Short Album sampler. However, ‘Europe By Train’ has been edited: the intro with Neil speaking cut off.