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French version

Everybody Knows (Except You) – UK / Ireland

Although the three singles are different, their presentation is the same. The sleeve is cardboard with a coloured photo on one side, and the credits on the other. The CD inside has the same design as the Short Album About Love CD, but the colours for the name THE DIVINE COMEDY match those of the sleeve photo.

CD A is red, with a picture taking in New York by the Guggenheim Museum. CD B is yellow/orange, with by a photo taken during the live at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire. CD C is green with a photo from the same shooting as the Short Album cover.

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Around the center of CD 1, we can read: C5281 SETCDA 038 IFPI L123 MASTERED BY NIMBUS IFPI L123
around the center of CD 2: C5282 SETCDB 038 IFPI L123 MASTERED BY NIMBUS IFPI L123
and around the center of CD 3: C5283 SETCDC 038 IFPI L123 MASTERED BY NIMBUS IFPI L123

The Promo CD

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Setanta released a one-title promo (SETCDR038) with the album version of ‘Everybody Knows (Except You)’. The disc uses the Short Album design again, but with golden letters. It is however a little different from the promo album:
  • As there is only one tracks, there is no tracklisting on the edge.
  • The copyright date is 1997 this time.
  • Additionnally to the copyrights, there are also two credit lines.
Near the center of the disc, we can read: C5125 SETCDR038 IFPI L123 MASTERED BY NIMBUS IFPI L123

Some were given away to radios by Alan James PR and features a sticker on the back of the Setanta sleeve. One can read : “After receiving rave reviews across the board for their ‘A Short Album About Love’, The Divine Comedy release a single from the album, ‘Everybody Knows’, on March 10th. The band tour the UK from March 8th – March 27th with a full orchestra, culminating in a London extravaganza at the Royal Festival Hall on the 27th.”


Some others seem just to be the CD 1 with an AJPR sticker, having a slightly different note: “Taken from their highly acclaimed new album ‘A Short Album About Love’, The Divine Comedy new single, ‘Everybody Knows (Except You)’, is released March 10th. The band are heading out on a UK tour from March 7th–27th with the same thrity-piece orchestra featured on the single.”

Promo MC


A promotional cassette was issued by Setanta. On a generic Setanta insert, there is a sticker with the generic reference SET CD 038.

Promo VHS


A promo VHS, duplicated by Vanderquest, features the video of ‘Everybody Knows (Except You)’. The editing was done by Mad Editing (MasterWorks), who also did the Live At The Shepherd’s Bush Empire video; and there is a start screen featuring the credits. The video has never been reissued since, not even on the band’s youtube channel.