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Fan Club CD #1 / The Power Of Love

Fan Club CD #1

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer / distributor, date)
    CD (Parlophone / EMI / Divine Management, 12/2001): 
    FCCD #1

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In the times when The Divine Comedy were signed to Parlophone, the band issued a couple of fan-club only CDs, kind of live EPs featuring a cover version. These CDs were not home-made releases by the fan-club but were produced by EMI/Parlophone. And now they are quite valuable because they don’t go on sale very often, since they are mainly kept (more or less) well by (current or former) fans.
The first one was released for Christmas 2001. It was at a strange time, when the current band’s line-up had just split up and the future was uncertain… The band finished to promote the album Regeneration and the single Perfect Lovesong. The disc was sent as a ‘thank-you’ only to members of the fan-club at the time, which was a paid-subscription thing giving access to the official fanzine Muse Magazine, some exclusive merch or discount offers, newsletter and ticket pre-sales.
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Image The two tracks featured on this release are from the final Regeneration tour at the Dublin Olympia concert, 20th of November which was recorded by BBC Radio Ulster for Across The Line. The show was partly broadcast on the program, but although ‘The Power Of Love’ (Frankie Goes To Hollywood) was, ‘Geronimo’ remains exclusive to this release.
The cover is a bit different to the other Regeneration-era releases, since it features not the Claire Burbridge art, but one of the promotion photo taken at the Royal Festival Hall. This is a kind of ‘ghost’ photo, since it’s a superposition of the empty room and the band lying… Note that Joby being blurred, it’s possible that it’s more than 2 takes…
The front cover just has the band’s name; the disc hasn’t got an official name. On the other side the back cover says ‘Special edition fan club release. Not for sale’ with the catalogue number and a Parlophone logo. It also has of course the tracklisting plus contact info for the fan club and credits such as recording credits (BBC Radio Ulster), the band’s line-up, writing and publishing info and artwork credits.

The disc itself is plain khaki disc with tracklisting and copyright notes, as well as a Bel Biem and Parlophone logos. Around the centre we can read FCCD1 1:1:1 EMI UK.

Three years later, after the Absent Friends tour, a second fan-club CD was sent as a farewell.