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Four Hit Singles & A TV Theme Tune

Four Hit Singles & A TV Theme Tune

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer / distributor, date)
    Promo CD (Setanta / FSV / Alan James PR, 04/06/1998 - 07/1998 ?): 
    DC0001 / SETCDSAMP
Image This promotional CD was released by Setanta in 1998 not long before Fin de Siècle. On the CD, there is not only the tracklisting, of course, but besides each song is given the date of release and its UK chart positions. On the sleeve card you can read: "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY". The font used is the same as that which is found on Casanova.

Around the center of the CD, we can read:
0078 DC0001 SP FT
(a ifPi logo) LD81

And further:

The reference of the disk is DC0001 but it was later sold on the official Divine Comedy website under the reference SETCDSAMP.

The name given to the record, Four Hit Singles & A TV Theme Tune, was always open to suspicions, but is actually the official name from the records as shown in the original sticker printed with the tracklisting and charts positions on the back cover. It also announces the next album for the end of August.

Image Image Image

Other copies may come with a sticker saying “Coming Soon! The Brand New Single! ‘Generation Sex’. Released September 14th.” And ironically states “In true Divine Comedy tradition, the single will be preceded by their new album ‘Fin de Siècle’ (End of the Century), which is released by Setanta Records on August 31st.” A revised version of the sticker also adds the joke: “Sex-Files: Nigel & Richard at AJPR” as well as the phone number.