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Indulgence No. 1

Indulgence No. 1

Released: 18th October 1993

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This picture-disc was released between Liberation and Promenade. The record is not really a single as there is no leading track; and it is in a weird format: one side at 45rpm with one song, and the other at 33rpm with 2 tracks. The concept of Indulgence was probably to be a cover EP as Neil used to play quite a few cover versions for his live sets, which he once alluded to as “a bit of indulgence” [1].

Therefore, the two first songs are covers: ‘Hate My Way’ by Kristin Hersh of the Throwing Muses and ‘Untitled Melody’ by Edwyn Collins. On the other hand, ‘Europe By Train’ is a remix of the Liberation instrumental; but it is possible this track actually replaces another cover meant to be on the record since Keith Cullen stated during these session a cover of The Ramones’ ‘Something To Believe In' was recorded to his suggestion [2].

The 7” came in a mere plastic sleeve, with no picture on it then. But the artwork is to be found the picture disc itself! As part of the Liberation promo, the A-side photo is from the same shooting as those in Liberation. The B-side features another William Morris’ wallpaper [3].

The disc originally came with a Setanta notice featuring the credits and catalogue number, as well as a small bar code sticker. Nowadays it is not easy to find a complete set with those two prints as the plastic sleeve could have been changed.

By the centre of the disc are etched:
A side: ORLAKE DC+1+A
B side: ORLAKE DC+1+B

The postcard

To promote the release of Indulgence No.1 Setanta issued an Indulgence postcard with the same photo as used on the A side of the disc. It was also given away with some Your Daddy’s Car flexies.

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Suzanne’ at The Garage on [disc=liberation_leftovers_dc]Liberation - Leftovers.
[2] Keith Cullen interview for state.ie, 2012
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