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Liberation – France


There are many French editions of Liberation. This is due to the fact that the album was first diffused by Virgin France, then by Labels (filial of Virgin France), but also because the album was published at different prices which, for EMI, means as different coding. However, contrary to British editions, all these editions are similar and have the same bar code. And the number of editions makes it even more complex than for Fanfare, and we are only talking of French editions!

The first editions

Probably all released in 1993, these editions are very similar to the original British edition. They have the particularity of having at the back the EMI bar code (which can also be found on the side and the CD of the original British edition) as well as the mention "Diffusion Exclusive Virgin France S.A." and of having on the CD a SACEM logo. The SACEM being a French copyright management society. On the CD there's on the border the French copyright mentions. Near the centre of the CDs we can read: SETCD 011 ยท MASTERED BY NIMBUS

Also, always like the original British edition on the CD the image is mate, which means that the entire surface has been printed and that it doesn't reflect light.

But, everything is not that simple. Beside these generalities, there exist at least 2 first editions. These editions are different by the number written at the bottom right-hand side of the bar code at the back. To my knowledge there's either PM 520 (in small letters) or PM 527 (in medium size letters). These numbers stand for a different selling price.

Original British edition2nd French edition, PM 5701st French edition, PM 520

The second editions

Theses editions seem to have been published later than the others, maybe since 1996. Here are the reasons which lead me to say so:
  • At the back, this time, there's a Labels logo on left side of the Setanta logo. The bar code frame remains the same, only the PM number may vary. As far as I'm concerned, I only know of the PM 527 (once again) and PM 570 editions (the number is a bitter bigger).
  • This time the CD is shiny, which means it reflects light where it didn't on the first edition. It's also the case for the second edition of Promenade. There's still the same copyright mention in French, but this time, on the CD the SACEM logo has been replaced by Bel BIEM (as on Casanova and other EMI discs that followed).

Near the centre of the CD we can read:
PM 527 edition: 1-1-6-NL IFPI L046 EMI UDEN 8390242 @ 1
PM 570 edition: 1-1-4-NL IFPI L046 EMI UDEN 8390242 @ 1

Moreover, on the covers, this time the 6th bar on the right has been cut off. It's slightly so on the PM 527 and it's obvious on the PM 570. Besides, inside the booklet, where there's a picture of Neil sitting, the bar code number is to be found again. It's fully printed on the PM 527 and cut on the PM 570, and it's not a printing mistake on my record.

2nd edition, PM 5272nd edition, PM 570

Any information on the other editions is welcome!