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Perfect Lovesong – UK / Ireland

Perfect Lovesong

  • Formats
    CD1 (Parlophone / EMI, 29/10/2001):
    7243 5 50140 2 3 (CDR 6561)
    CD2 (Parlophone / EMI, 29/10/2001):
    7243 5 50141 2 2 (CDRS 6561)
    DVD (Parlophone / EMI, 29/10/2001):
    7243 4 92632 9 1 (DVDR 6551)
    Promo CD (Parlophone / EMI):
    CDRDJ 6561
    Acetate CD-R (Parlophone / Abbey Road Mastering, 23/07/2001)
    Promo VHS (Parlophone):
    Letterbox: PAL
    Betacam SP S (Parlophone / TeleCine, 26/07/2001):
    Letterbox: PAL
  • Items
    In-store ad. (Parlophone)
There is a couple of strange things in this 2 CD single set. First of all the serial numbers. While Love What You Do and Bad Ambassador had serial numvers such as CD 1: CDRS 65xx and CD 2: CDR 65xx; here the number are inverted and CD 1 has the serial number CDR 6561 and CD 2 CDRS 6561. But this is not all, while in the UK each of the two CD singles came with a sticker on the case; different pressings of both singles (and not only CD2 unlike the two previous singles) were also released worldwide. These versions do not have the stickers, and have a slightly different artwork...

CD 1


Image CD 1 comes with a white sticker promoting the two B-sides only, it also features the catalogue number. The front cover features the photo of one sculpture by Claire Burbridge with the title above, and the rest of the sleeve features a graphical design by Claire Burbridge, probably sketches. The barcode is in an EMI frame which also features a Parlophone logo and the wrong catalogue number: CDRS 6561 (instead of CDR 6561).
Tracklisting and credits/copyright notes are to be found on both sleeve and CD. The CD also features bel BIEM and Parlophone logos. Near the centre of the CD we can read IFPI L042 550140 2 1 : 1 : 2 EMI UK

CD 2


Image CD 2 comes with a black sticker promoting the B-sides, it also features the catalogue number. The front cover features the photo of two Claire Burbridge sculptures with the title below, and the other part a photo of another view of one of these sculptures. The sketches background is only featured on the part where the barcode is to be found, in an EMI frame which features the catalogue number (correct this time) and Parlophone logo.

Image Tracklisting and credits/copyright notes are to be found on both sleeve and CD. The CD also features bel BIEM and Parlophone logos and has a different colour from CD 1. Near the centre of the CD we can read: IFPI L042 550141 2 1 : 1 : 4 EMI UK



Image The DVD single comes in a regular jewel box. On the left of the inlay there is a DVD logo, so it can be spot through the tray that it is not a regular CD single.
The front cover features another sculpture than the CD singles, and the title with the mention DVD Video Single. The back of the leaflet features Claire Burbridge drawing/sketches as well as the catalogue and serial numbers. Inside the leaflet, there is a photo of the band, on a sofa at the Royal Festival Hall; the photo is actually a montage of a photo with the band and a photo without the band.

The inlay and the back covers also features drawing/sketches, though they are different. The back cover and the DVD both features tracklisting, credits, copyright notes, and DVD and Dolby logos. As usual the back cover features the bar code in an EMI frame. And near the centre of the disc we can read IFPI L045 EMI UDEN 4926329 @ 1 1-1-3 NL

Image Image

Promo CD

Image Image

Image The promo CD is a one track CD. The CD has again a different colour and features some credits and copyright notes; the catalogue number and only a Parlophone logo. Near the centre of the CD we can read: IFPI L041 CDRDJ6561 1 : 1 : 4 EMI UK
The front covers features the same photo as the first CD single, but has a title placed below the sculpture. The back cover features the same picture used for the DVD, also printed are the catalogue number, a Parlophone logo and the notes ‘For Promotional Use Only’, ‘Made in EU’. While the inside is not plain white but printed with the sketches artwork.
Image Image

Some were given away to radios by Alan James PR and features stickers. It says: “The Divine Comedy release a single ‘Perfect Lovesong’ through Parlophone on October 22nd. It is taken from the band’s gold-selling album Regeneration and is a return to the accessible pop which made them famous. The band have spent the summer promoting the album in Europe and the US but head back for a short UK tour in October: 23rd Glasgow Barrowlands; 24th Nottingham Rock City; 25th Bristol Anson Rooms; 26th London Brixton Academy.”

Acetate CD-R

Image Image

Image The acetate CD-R comes into a PVC slipcase. It has a simple white inlay which features the title and a Parlophone logo.
The CD itself is a white Abbey Road Mastering CD-R (see logo as a background) and features printed info such as band’s name and song title as well as the mastering date (23 July 2001). The CD was however used for promotion since some copies feature an AJPR sticker with the handwritten release date clue ‘October TBC’.



Although the video was officially released as a DVD, a promo VHS of it was given away for promotion. The tape comes in a transparent slipcase, and has a blue window. It features a couple of stickers with information, but strangely it does not feature EMI / Parlophone logo, so it may have been released by a third-party. The stickers tell us:
  • the original publishing title of the song ‘Perfect Love Song’ (in three words)
  • the running time of the video (3’11’’)
  • the format: VHS PAL STEREO
  • the label: Parlophone
  • and 30/08 which may be the date when the video was duplicated.

The video has a start screen featuring the credits. It show the original production date: 10/07.


Image A better version of the video exists as a promotional betacam. The tape was duplicated by TeleCine with whom EMI was working with back then. Included is a technical sheet featuring the time codes, etc. It is dated from July 2001, so three months before the single release; since its release was delayed from the original idea of being a summer single. The insert of the case has a desing similar to the VHS’s sticker.


Image Image

A postcard was issued by Parlophone to promote the single. The front features the same picture as CD 1. The other side features a promotional text about the release of the single and mention the October 2001 final UK tour.

In-store ad.


A 12”x12” in store advert was printed to promote the release of the single.