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The Marble Arch Caves: An Underground Journey in County Fermanagh

Produced: 1985

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In 1985, Neil Hannon – who was just a choir boy and not yet a pop star - was elected to perform in a film about the opening ceremony of the historic Marble Arch caves, near Enniskillen. [1]

Though the video of Neil Hannon singing ‘Pie Jesu’ has been featured in many TV documentaries about The Divine Comedy; the complete movie was 30 minutes long and featured a visit of the caves with geologist Philip Doughty and caver Tim Fogg, as well as a performance of ‘The Eriskay Love Lilt’ by the Rathmore Grammar School choir. [2]

The film was first broadcast on BBC One on 19 May 1985 and was replayed on BBC One and Two in 1986 and 1987. More recently a screened was organized by the BBC at the Clinton Centre, Enniskillen. [3]

Actually, Neil’s performance was lip-synched, and the audio was recorded at The Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen.

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