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Sounds Of The Millennium

Sounds Of The Millennium

  • Featuring:
    CD-ROM element: Neil Hannon on Mack The Knife [Video interview]
  • Formats (editor / manufacturer / distributor, date)
    CD-ROM (Universal, Future Publishing / Optimal Media ? / Channel 4 Magazines, 11/1999(?)): 

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Image In November 1999, Neil Hannon played a cover of Weill and Brecht’s ‘Mack The Knife’ with jazz musician Courtney Pine on the Channel 4 program Music For The Millennium, hence the inclusion, on this Channel 4 Magazines CD called Sounds Of The Millennium, of a small video of Neil Hannon talking about the song. The video is part of the ‘interactive’ CD-ROM content which comes as a bonus to the 5 audio tracks.

The video is 1:25 long and features Neil explaining his choice of this song as a Millennium song. Although a more complete and edited version of the interview with extracts of versions of the songs was also broadcast on Channel 4.

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