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A Promenade Companion

Promenade Companion

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    CD (Setanta / Nimbus, 28/03/1994): 
    CAO 010

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The CD was part of a 2 CD limited edition of Promenade in UK. It was also sold on its own by Setanta to the audience of some gigs in 1996 to flow out the stocks or given away for magazine subscriptions. Some of these copies were sent along a Promenade postcard within an enveloppe featuring a ‘The Divine Comedy’ stamp like on Indulgence No. 2. It is unknow if these were already made by the time of the album, or if that came at the same time as the Indulgence No. 2 EP.


The inscriptions at the bottom of the disc (we can’t read them on the scan, sorry) just tell us that the tracks were recorded with Chris Worsey on cello and Natalie Box on violin at Elephant Studios in 1993 during an early Promenade session. So they are half Liberation, half Promenade in style in the way they were played live in 1993-1994. ‘Life’s What You Make It’ on Volume 9 / Rarities was probably recorded during the same session.

We can read on the centre of the CD: NIMBUS CAO 010 CDM01