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Promenade – UK / Ireland


  • Formats
    CD (Setanta, 28/03/1994):
    5 021289 701322 (SET CD 013)
    2xCD (Setanta, 28/03/1994):
    5 021289 701322 (SET CD 013)
    12" (Setanta, 1994):
    5 021289 701315 (SET LP 013)
    MC (Setanta, 1994):
    5 021289 701346 (SET MC 013)
    CD (Setanta, 1996 ?):
    5 021289 701322 (SET CD 013)
    CD (Setanta, 1997 ?):
    5 021289 701322 (SET CD 013)
    Promo CD (Setanta):
    PR SET 013
    Acetate CD-R (?)
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The album was originally released in 1994. The artwork of the UK release of Promenade was also used for all the other editions: France, Japan. But these are different prints, these times the back cover always features a different barcode number. Unlike Liberation, this time it was not distributed by EMI and the release does not feature an EMI serial number.

The UK pressings feature in the sleeve the reference ‘SET CD13’ above the photo of Neil Hannon in a staircase.

The first editions

The first editions came with an opaque CD case tray, which looks rather old and strange by now since the photo behind cannot be seen clearly. However, most of the original cases must have been replaced on second-hand editions by now.
Around the centre of the CD we can read: NIMBUS SETCD 13 CDMA

The limited edition

When Promenade was initially released in the UK in 1994, there was a limited 2 CD edition. The CDs are in a 2CD jewel box with a blue sticker, and the other CD is called A Promenade Companion. The Companion CD is one of the rare items that most of DC collectors are looking for, but the 2CD edition of Promenade is a rarer item as the Companion CD was also sold to the audience at some gigs in 1996 or given away for magazine subscriptions.

The artwork of the limited edition is exactly the same as the standard edition, but the sleeve’s paper may be thicker. Also, despite we can read the same inscriptions on the CD as the first edition (NIMBUS SETCD 13 CDMA), which means they comes from the same pressing plants, the printed colours on disc (and perhaps on sleeve) are lighter.

The reprints

A couple of reprints of the album exist, and they come in regular jewel box with a transparent case tray. Note that some listings you may find them under the reference 5 021299 701329, but it is likely to be an internal reference when Vital took over the distribution in UK around 1996. All copies were actually reprinted with the same original bar code number: 5 021289 701322, so without a different bar code, but only with those minor differences.
On these the disc design is slightly different. The titles and writings on disc are at different places, upper than the original. It is very likely it had to be redesigned. Also the print colours are definitely different compare to the original (it can be well-spotted on the back cover).

One of them was also manufactured by Nimbus and has a matrix more similar to the promo CD than the original release; near the centre we can read: B0935 SETCD 13 IFPI L123 MASTERED BY NIMBUS IFPI L123. Although it may be from after Casanova since it comes with a Casanova-era card to subscribe to the band’s newsletter like the one which was given away with The Frog Princess singles. But it can also be a possibility that those cards were added later.
On this particular edition, the print quality on disc is really poor and blurred.

There is another print, with the same CD design, but manufactured by a different company. Around the centre of the disc we can read D0935 SETCD 13 05 Technicolor IFPI L122. On that one the print quality on disc is much more better, and the back cover has been designed. The background dimensions are different, and the bar code has a different typeface. It is likely that one dates from 1997 since similar Technicolor prints were done at that time (see Liberation reissue and A Short Album About Love).

Original edition Nimbus reprint Technicolor reprint

Image Image Image

Image Image Image

The LP

Image Image

Promenade was also released as an LP. The front cover is the same as the CD and the back has a similar design to the Liberation LP. Over a background, made with the red flowers pattern, are printed the tracklisting, the credits, as well as the photo from the CD tray inlay. On the right there is a barcode and a Setanta logo (note that none appears on the CDs).
Image Image

On A-side, the label also features the red background, with a circular design of the title. On the disc is etched: MPO SETLP13A2.
The other side still has the same background, and features tracklisting of both sides among usual information. On the disc is etched: MPO SETLP13 B 1 FOR THE TIME BEING.

The MC



For collector maniacs eventually, there also exists a tape version of Promenade. The artwork uses elements from the CD, but, as on the LP, they are set in a different way. The front cover is the same as the CD, but with the full rectangular photo and the title on 2 lines without the ‘/’. The side and the back have the red flower pattern as background with the title (with the ‘/’ this time), the tracklist and the barcode. The inside of the sleeve includes colour photos on one side and, as on the CD, the tracklist with the symbols * and + in the credits. The other side is black and white only and features the credits and the photo of Neil by the Louvre Pyramid in a black frame. Finally, behind the side is hidden a Setanta logo.
On the tape, once again, you can read the name of the group and the title of the album separated with a ‘/’. Underneath, you can read the usefull mention ‘For full details see inlay’, and the catalogue reference. Below, there is the side letter and copyright notice ‘℗ & © 1994 Setanta’.
Image Image

The promo CD

As many albums, Promenade also get its promo CD. It is a red CD with the tracklisting on it. You can notice the names of the songs aren’t exact: ‘The Book Lover’ in 2 words, ‘When The Lights Go Out’ without ‘All Over Europe’, 10 instead of ‘Ten Seconds To Midnight’, ‘THE Seafood Song’, ‘Drinking Song’ (without the ‘A ’) and ‘Setanta’ is mispelled ‘Setana’.

Around the centre of the CD, we can read: SETCD 13 MASTERED BY NIMBUS


There is also another version of a promo CD of Promenade. But actually I don’t know if it is really a promotional CD, or just a CD-R and so a fake bootleg promo.

The postcard

For the promo of the album, Setanta released a postcard which features the complete photo of the front cover of the album without the title written over it.
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The Promo Pictures


Adverts & Posters

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