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Regeneration – France


  • Formats
    CD PM 538 (Labels / EMI, 13/03/2001):
    7243 5 31761 2 9
    2xCD Limited PM 521 CD1 (Labels / EMI, 08/10/2001):
    7243 8 11256 0 1 – 5,000 copies
    2xCD Limited PM 521 CD2 (Labels / EMI, 08/10/2001):
    7243 8 97972 0 6
    3 tracks sampler CD (Labels / EMI):
    VISA 6406
  • Items
    In-store ad. (Labels / EMI):
    7243 4 81392 0 7
    In-store ad. with pre-release (Labels / EMI):
    7243 4 81391 0 8
    Tour Posters
    Tour Flyer
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    Everywhere (Parlophone, 13/11/2006)
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    Qobuz / Starzik / Pono (Parlophone)

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With The Divine Comedy’s signing to Parlophone, it bring to the band a direct worldwide distribution and promotion deal. However, in France it didn’t changed a lot regarding the management, since the previous albums were already distributed by Labels, a branch of EMI specialized in distributing foreign ‘indie’ acts in France, so the deal would continue for the Parlophone albums. Therefore promotion and distribution was done in France in the same way as before. The only difference would be that Labels would benefit directly from material issued by Parlophone/EMI and would not necessarily re-print their own records as before.


It is the case for the main release of Regeneration in France. The album was supposed to be released on Tuesday March 13th 2001 (but many record shops would let it be available on Monday as in the UK). The physical album is strictly the same as the one issued for UK, Europe and other parts of the world. However the ‘extra’ are a little different. The French version originally came with a large black sticker in French, which advertise the new album and features an element of the artwork based on the front cover. It has both Parlophone and Labels logo. And inside the case, a card to subscribe the Labels newsletter is to be found. On one side it features the album title, the artwork element, and the Labels contact info. The other side is just the form, which looks more a way to get statistics from the fans rather than a way to keep them informed.

Image Image

The Limited Edition


Image Despite the fact the album sold quite well in France, it has been said – even though not confirmed – that the figures were not as much as expected by the record company, leading to the dramatic band’s split. However, in a last attempt to boost the sale, and to promote the final tour in Autumn 2001 with a show at Le Zénith in Paris, the label reissued a limited 5000 copies edition with a bonus disc on October 8th 2001. The bonus disc contains material from the Love What You Do and Bad Ambassador singles, which is rather poor since they were also distributed in France. The only interesting material for the French fans was then the video of Regeneration – A Visual Record included in the extra CD-ROM part (but not any videos from the 2 previous singles); but to be honest more material from the UK exclusive RE:Regeneration would have been much appreciated. Anyway, to avoid complains from early buyers, Labels put those 4 songs available for free to download on their website, as well as the complete (21 minutes long instead of 11 as on the CD) video of the film as streaming.

It originally came with a new sticker, white this time, which advertise the show at the Zénith and the new material. It is sponsored by mainstream radio Europe 2.
Image Image

Image The back cover features the tracklisting for the two discs, basic recording info. The bar code is placed on the left instead of being at the top. Near the bar code, we can spot Labels’ logo and website address, showing this is a specific release for the French market. No Parlophone logo is printed on the back cover. Another difference with the regular release, is that the picture is not exactly centred as the original: therefore less details are to be found on the top, but more on the bottom (see under Neil’s feet).
The front cover is nearly the same as the original release, but has a slight difference of cutting, since we can see more of the statue’s feet. On the inside we can read the limited edition’s serial number: 7243 8 11256 0 1. The paper is also thinner.
The CD1 looks the same as the original release at a first glance. However, if we look closely and look at the white prints, we can spot a Labels logo as well as a serial number: strangely it is the serial number of the regular release (7243 5 31761 2 9); probably because the limited edition’s serial number applies for the package, and each disc have then its own serial number. And looking at the centre we can read: EMI UDEN DCDJ001 @ 1 IFPI L047 which means it comes from the same pressing plant used for the UK promo CD.
CD2 is a coloured one, it features the tracklisting, basic recording info, copyright notes, and a specific serial number (7243 8 97972 0 6) the CD2’s serial number (which differs from CD1) and logos. Strangely this time it minus the Labels logo. Near the label we can read: EMI UDEN 8979720 @ 1 IFPI L045

3 tracks sampler


Image This 3 tracks sampler CD was supposed to be given away with the album in the record stores the days of the release. It was promoted with a mobile in-store advert displayed in the shops, to remind the customers to ask the seller about it.

The disc is very similar to the RE:Regeneration sampler that didn’t get a distribution in France, and features two tracks from it: the acoustic version of ‘Bad Ambassador’ (with a different mastering, a louder/more compressed volume), and the live version of ‘Love What You Do’... It doesn’t include the other live track (‘Generation Sex’) nor the rare track ‘Born With The Broken Heart’.
However, it includes another rarity exclusive to this disc: an acoustic rendition of ‘Regeneration’ played for a small acoustic show in Paris, near Bastille, for OUI FM. Four songs were played on this set, the session was later broadcast on Mélanie Bauer show, and videos available on the radio’s website.

The front cover has a kind of circular mark on the right, near the statue’s knee, strangely all existing copies of that sampler seem to have that.
The back cover features credits which include the location of the ‘Bad Ambassador’ acoustic version. Note that credits for the 2 first tracks are in English, while credits for the final track are in French as provided by the French label.
Near the centre of the disc we can read: (MPO logo) IFPI L033 VISA6406 @@@ 01

The promo CD

Image Image

A promo CD was issued for records shops to display. It featured a display card with the album details, and the set-up was to be displayed in the record shop as a listening station before the album release; or at least it could be played as back ground music. Both CD and card came together. The CDs came within the UK promo card sleeve.
Image Image Image

There were also standalone promo CDs which were sent by the French company. We do not know if there were the same as the ones above, but they came either within the UK card sleeve too, either within a PVC sleeve along a A4 sheet with the tracklisting. The disc themselves were different from the UK promo though. They likely were generic EMI promo of the album for international promotion, different than the UK ones. The titles are written in big black on the top, and a Parlophone logo is to be found on the right.

A biography sheet was also issued to promote the band to radio, etc. It was probably given away with a promo CD.


The in-store ad.


An in-store advert was also given to record shops, FNAC stores, as well as independent ones. The object is a two parts mobile to be fixed on the ceiling. The upper one has right corners and features the same artwork sketches that is to be found on the singles. It advertises the album as well as the 3-tracks sampler which was supposed to be given with freely. The lower part has rounded corners and only features the album artwork with sculptures as shown as on the unfolded album sleeve.

The pre-order vouchers

Image Image

As the previous Labels albums, Regeneration was also promoted to sellers with a pre-order voucher. This one is even bigger than the previous ones, as it is a 6 pages voucher. It features many details about the promotion of the album (although some are unconfirmed and other events did not even happen), and gives details about the different material that was edited for the promotion: flyers, website, sampler, listening station, in-store advert, and promotion on the back catalogue.

A second voucher was issued later for the release of the limited edition. It features detail on the press, TV and radio promotion.


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Many adverts were published within the French press, with different formats.
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Other adverts/posters/flyers related to the limited edition:
Image Image Image