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Regeneration – Japan

Regeneration - Japan



Image The Regeneration album was released in Japan on Match 7th (a few days ahead of the UK release date). As often, the album came with two bonus tracks, an obi strip and additional sleeves notes with translated lyrics.

The obi strip features the titles in Japanese plus a few notes. A mini-cover is featured on the spine, and part of the front cover is replicated on the right. Catalogue number, bar code, and logos are also printed.

The front sleeve is nearly the same as the UK release, but differs slightly: the picture proportions are not the same and we can see on the top and on the left: the statue’s elbow which is usually on the other page. On the other side there is not bar code number printed on the picture, but the bottom features Parlophone logo, catalogue number and ‘TOSHIBA EMI LIMITED MADE IN JAPAN’.

The back cover features the complete tracklisting with the two bonus tracks. ‘Soul Trader’ is no other than the Love What You Do B-side, while ‘Edward The Confessor’ is an intriguing track. This song, to be released later as a Bad Ambassador B-side, comes here in a different version. Same recording probably, but a different mix with more production, and effects on it. Likely to be the final version of the track. As that version was released a couple of month before the other, and even before the Bad Ambassador tracklists were to be announced, it is difficult to say which version shall be considered as the original.
On the back cover we can also spot logos: Parlophone and Compact Disc Digital Audio.
Release date and information in Japanese are also printed on the bottom.
On the other side, the same editing difference as the front cover is featured on the inlay. The pictures shows us more details on the top, but the picture goes less on the right, and, unlike the regular release, more than just the spine is plain white.
Image Image

Image The CD itself is white as the UK release, but the text is printed in visible maroon. It features the same logos: Parlophone and Compact Disc Digital Audio as well as a JASRAC logo, the Japanese copyright management society. Copyright notes are also printed on the right of the disc. Around the centre we can read: IFPI L153 TOCP-65681 1 a1.

Finally, the album also comes with a Japanese sheet. The sheet includes on one side translated album lyrics (the original ones are to be found on the album sleeve), as well as English and Japanese lyrics of the bonus tracks. And on the other side notes by Neil Hannon in both English and Japanese, and an article from Rockin’ On magazine. Neil’s notes are actually taken for a press statement, and were issued through websites, etc. It is nice to see them included as part of the album as they give some clue about the direction taken by the band.


Promo CD


The Japanese releases of Divine Comedy’s albums also turned out in promo version. However, those promos are different than the European ones. It is an ordinary album, and not a CD-R nor a CD in a card sleeve, but with a sticker on the back cover. It is likely that is also got a mention graved near the CD’s label.

Promo cassette

Image Strangely a promo version of the album exists as a cassette… It comes with a green inlay on which details are printed mostly in Japanese: album title, release date, catalogue number and price. There are some contact details, and the tracklisting is all in Japanese. Strangely the ‘total time’ is printed in English though. Note that it contains the 2 bonus tracks present on the CD version released by EMI-Toshiba.

Image Image

The cassette itself is a good quality one. It features green stickers as well with similar details as well as the mention “sample, tape for promotion only”. Side A ends with the beginning of ‘Dump It Down’ faded out, and the B side starts with the end of ‘Love What You Do’ fading in; so it makes sure not a single bit of music is missing.