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Scott Walker: 30 Century Man

Scott Walker : 30 Century Man

Produced: 2006

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Produced in 2006 at the time of the release of The Driftalbum, this Scott Walker biopic, directed by Stephen Kijak was meant to feature a contribution from Neil Hannon. But sadly his contribution was left out of the final editing of the movie, although Neil Hannon is still credited in the end credits. Though, the director expressed later his regret to not have kept a part of the interview in the film. [1]

However the complete interview with Neil as well as the complete interviews with the different artists featuring in the documentary (Scott Walker, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Radiohead, Jarvis Cocker, etc.) are to be found as extra on some DVD releases.
There have been quite a lot of DVD releases which may or may not contain the bonuses.

The initial UK release

Released in 2007 by Verve Pictures, the original release did not seem to feature any bonus.

Original UK release
HMV Special Editon

The HMV Special Edition

Released in 2007 at the same time of the original edition, this version of the DVD was marketed as having extra bonuses including the complete interviews with Scott Walker and the different artist including the deleted Neil Hannon interview. It was available only on HMV stores.

The international releases

After the UK release, the film went distributed in different countries and was released with more extra bonus depending to the country. All of them feature the complete interviews but may have other extras.

The Spanish edition, distributed by Avalon, just features the same bonuses as the UK Special Edition.
The Madman release for Australia and New Zealand seems to feature an additional interview with director Stephen Kijak.

Avalon release (Spain)

Oscilloscope release (USA)
Madman release (Australia)

Kinosmith release (Canada)

The North America releases for the USA and Canada, feature even more bonuses with a Walkermania documentary and footages from the recording of Scott Walker’s The Drift.

The UK re-release

New UK release (Special Editon)
UK Blu Ray release

Finally, in 2010, a new packaging of the film was made on DVD and Blu Ray. Both feature the complete interviews as bonuses. The DVD is marketed as ‘Special Edition’ and seems to have the same content as the previously released HMV Special Edition.

[1] Q&A after screenings