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A Secret History – Russian Bootleg


ООО "Галактис" Limited Edition

This Russian print of A Secret History was edited by Russian pirate label ООО “Галактис” which advertises on the front cover their discs as being limited edition. This is somehow quite similar to the Chinese bootleg of Absent Friends which is advertised as being an HDCD.


Image We do not know exactly when this Russian print was made, perhaps back in 1999, or perhaps more recently (2010 - 2012). Though, the artwork seems to be based on the original edition of the release, and not the 2006 reprint. The sides are indeed not black but still features the background photo of the back cover. However there is no serial number, only the title with the correct font. The tracklisting is at the same place. Below there is no bar code, but we can see the image has been edited as the shadow has a different shape from the original photography. At the bottom of the back cover, there is the same notes that can be found on all the releases of this Russian label:
Лицензионное соглашение № 058/МЗ-98 от 24.08.98. [License agreement number 058 / MZ-98 on 08/24/98.]
Для продаж на территории России [Only for sale in the territory of Russia]

The CD features the same artwork as the original CD too, although there is only the title on it, no copyright notes of course. To fill the blank, an Compact Disc Digital Audio logo is also present. Near the centre it is printed Manufactured By – ООО "Галактис" – 850230 or just 850230

Image Image

The other side of the inlay is very similar to the original, except that the vertical title The Divine Comedy is not printed in yellow, but in white instead.

While the other side of the back of the booklet is almost the same as the original CD, the inside of the booklet is somehow different. Indeed, there is actually only a single double-page inside. So, instead of having one for the tracklisting, one for the picture, one for the credits; they decided to use the picture and print the tracklist over it. The tracklisting has been slight edited to remove the copyright and publishing credits. Also, some notes about the original version of the songs are sometimes missing (‘National Express’, ‘Generation Sex’, ‘The Pop Singer’s Fear Of The Pollen Count’, ‘Lucy’). After the last song, the thanks have been printed, followed by the band line-up (taken as well from the original edition, since it has been removed in the 2006 reprint).


Sony Music bootleg

Image Image

Image Another bootleg of the album is a poor reproduction of the Sony Music CD release of the album. The artwork is a poor one-side photocopy of the original artwork with poor colours. Hence the CD comes into a black case since there is no artwork for the inlay, and there is nothing in the booklet as well.
The CD is also a reproduction of the Sony Music CD, with poor colours as well (the black is not black, and the CD silver). Despite this, the CD is not a common CD-R since we can read around the centre: DC-1092-07-B

This bootleg copy was mainly sold in Russia and Eastern Europe…