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French version

Setanta - A State of Independence

Produced: 1996

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In 1996 a short documentary film on Setanta Records was produced. It was probably done before the success of Casanova and was only made available at a few screenings including the Irish Film Festival and the Regus London Film Festival in 1997.
No release has been made of this movie, and so it cannot be seen anywhere for the moment.

The film features focus on Keith Cullen’s business and so features interviews of him as well as the major Setanta’s acts such as The Frank & Walters, Edwyn Collins, A House, The Catchers and of course Neil Hannon.
Other notable figures from the media are present, with Graham Linehan, Mark Radcliffe and also Radio France’s Bernard Lenoir or Les Inrockuptibles’ Jean-Daniel Beauvallet who represent the French media that led The Divine Comedy to success.

Quite funny enough, it was not the first time that the director, Brian Willis, met Neil Hannon as, long before that, he produced for the BBC the video of the Marble Arch Caves opening where a 14-years old Neil Hannon was singing!