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Ash: Slashed

Produced: 2002

Screened: 2012

In summer 2002 the NME revealed that Ash recorded a horror movie called Slashed, for the DVD release of their single ‘Envy’, casting people the band collaborated or toured with. The revealed line-up featured (in addition to the Ash band members): Coldplay, Moby, The Hives, The Vines, Dave Grohl and Neil Hannon. [1]

The movie finally never went finished nor released and left the fans with a lot of speculations about the existence of this movie and on how the musicians were tortured and killed.

In 2010 Ash finally released the first half of the movie as the music video for their single ‘Binary’, though it does not feature Neil Hannon. [2]

Finally on 17th June 2012 for the Ash birthday gig #ASH20, unseen clips were screened followed by a Q&A; only to discover that the horror movie doesn’t actually feature Neil Hannon. Indeed, Neil’s part is actually only in a teaser speaking about how bad is the film.

Ash has now expressed their wish to release the movie, but there are still no concrete plans.

[1] NME news from August 2002
[2] Slashed: The music video (Part 1)