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Something For The Weekend – France

Something For The Weekend

  • Formats (editor / manufacturer / distributor)
    CD PM 515 (Labels / EMI / EMI): 
    7243 8 93724 2 7
    ?? (Labels / / EMI): 
    7243 8 39554 4 ?
    ?? PM 515 ? (Labels / / EMI): 
    7243 8 93632 2 7
    Promo CD (Labels / / EMI): 
    VISA 003726
To promote Casanova in France, Labels released the single Something For The Weekend, but it has got some differences with the UK release:
  • The details on the sleeve (title on the side, tracklisting, copyrights) are not printed in black like the UK release, but in orange, that is the colour of the CD (which makes more sense). The cut out of this part is right-angled. The bar code is different, and there is a Labels logo near the Setanta logo.
  • The sleeve has got a blue border and a yellow line between the picture and the credits.
  • The CD has got a French legal mention. A logo 'bel BIEM' is present. The font of the credit is a bit smaller than in the UK CD.
  • The front is also different. It seems the French label redesigned the sleeve instead of taking the one made by Setanta, so the elements aren't exactly at the same position. It's hard to mention all the variations, but here are some most important:
    • The top of the picture (right of the photo) isn't as complete as the UK edition. Indeed, the right of the church door is more visible on the UK one.
    • The title THE DIVINE COMEDY is not as the same position: on the French edition the church is between the T and the H, on the UK one, the church is under the H.
    • We can spot many differences if we look inside the letters of the title Something For The Weekend.

UK CD French CD

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Around the centre of the CD we can read: 1-1-1-NL IFPI L046 EMI UDEN 8937242 @ 1