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The Catherine Tate Show - Series 3

The Catherine Tate Show - Series 3

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    DVD-9 (BBC, 12/11/2007): 
    5 014503 250423 (BBCDVD2504) – Region: 2+4 ; Letterbox: PAL ; Audio: Dolby Stereo ; Aspect Ratio: 16:9 ; Subtitles: English

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The Divine Comedy appeared in the Catherine Tate show back in 2006.

Jools Holland informs Catherine Tate that The Divine Comedy’s drummer has food poisoning, and they may not be able to play for the Later... show unless they find another drummer. But Catherine pretends that she ‘can do it’.
Then the Divine Comedy are rehearsing and when ‘Generation Sex’ begins, Neil frowns while Catherine slaughter the song.

Of course this is fictional, as all the band were fine when the played Later with Jools Holland on June 2006.