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French version



Released: 18th November 1991

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This EP can’t be exactly regarded as a single from Fanfare For The Comic Muse, though it was still the first incarnation of the band who recorded it. The tracks were recorded during a separate session, but we don’t know where or when. They show the band evolving into a more aggressive sound, close to the noisy scene of the time (Ride…).

Timewatch’ is an old version of what became then ‘Timewatching’ on Liberation. Neil changed the name of the song not because the two versions are different, but to avoid confusion with a show on the BBC [1].

Jerusalem’ is also to be found on a Setanta promotional 7” released at the same time.

The Rise And Fall’ is a totally new version from that of the album Fanfare….

All these songs were reissued the next year on the Europop CD. And more recently, they have been remastered for the Juveneilia compilation.

[1] Magic Mushroom 1993