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Nicky Phelan: It's Some Kind Of Voodoo

Produced: 2005

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This animated short movie is a Gothic fairy tale which tells the story of a sculptor, bored of his art, who falls in love with a girl of his neighbourhood, a Pre-Raphaelite read head woman. After realizing that he can’t win her heart, he tries to put a Voodoo spell on her. But he’s bad at it, and the Voodoo doll takes its revenge by killing the artist.

The whole story was made with marionette puppets and the narration was told by Neil Hannon himself which is unusual.

We don’t actually really know how Neil got involved in this project, perhaps thanks to his then-wife Òrla Little who – as an actress – was quite into the Irish film industry.

The movie had some screenings in Ireland as it was played before Scary Movie 4 in 2006 [1]. It was also part of the Green Cuts, Irish Film Festival of Berlin, in 2007. [2]

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