Absent Friends

Produced and performed by
Neil Hannon
RAK, Abbey Road and Konk Studios
Guy Massey
assisted by
Raj Das and Chris Bolster
Mayfair Studios
Nigel Godrich
assisted by
Dan Marguerat
Orchestra arranged and conducted by
Joby Talbot
Guest performers
Lauren Laverne
Vocals on Come Home Billy Bird
Yann Tiersen
Accordion on Sticks & Stones
Additional players
Miggy Barradas
Drums on 2, 4, 8 & 11
Rob Farrer
Percussion on 1, 3, 4, 6, 7 & 8
Simon Little
Double bass on 8
Crispin Robinson
Congas on 4 & 8
Joby Talbot
Plucked piano on 9
Millennia musicians
Everton Nelson, Charles Mutter, Warren Zielinski, Cath Haggo, Natalia Bonner, Giles Broadbent, Rick Koster, Matthew Scrivener, Alison Dods, Darragh Morgan, Richard George, Steve Hussey, Tim Myall, Helena Wood, John Smart, Maya Bickel, Jenny Sacha, Vince Greene, Adrian Smith, Louise Hogan, Reiad Chibah, Dan Cornford, Jay Craig, Chris Worsey, Ian Burdge, Nick Holland, Chris Fish, Lucy Shaw, Bev Jones, Lucy Wakeford, Dan Newell, Tom Rees-Roberts, James Spaddy Adams, Mike Kearsey, Matt Gunner, Simon Morgan, Nick Cartledge, Dom Kelly, Jo Cackett, Gareth Newman and Chris Richards
Fixed by
Jonathan Brigden
Horn solo on ‘Freedom Road’ by
Matt Gunner
Violin solo on ‘Laika’s Theme’ by
Everton Nelson
Flute solo on ‘The Happy Goth’ by
Nick Cartledge
Design by
℗ & ©
2004 EMI Records Ltd.