V/A: Sound Factory Festival

The Divine Comedy
Neil Hannon
Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Chris Worsey
Natalie Box
TV E. Videoproduktion
Film Camera 1, Stage
Markus Schilling
Film Camera 2
Dirk Treske
Film Camera 3
Siamak Phourbari
Film Camera 4
Martin Flak
Video Engineering
Clemens Völlmecke
Sound Mixing
Lars Figge
Live Image Mixing
Uwe Kamitz
Camera Direction
Michael Neumann
EB 1
Dirk Treske
EB 2
Michael Neumann
Uwe Kamitz
Sound EB 2
Lars Figge
Camera Direction Assistant
Jost Cecattka
Christoph Mause for Sound Factory
Sound Factory thanks
all the artists, Indie Journal, Viva TV, Zeche Bochum, Coolibri Magazin, Drum Center Bochum, Buffetservice Huntemann and all the fans and friends of the Sound Factory.